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Are You Looking For a Boca Raton Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?


Are you planning to find a remodeling contractor in Boca Raton for a commercial or residential remodeling project? If so, you'll need a remodeling contractor you can trust to do good quality work and provide you with great customer service. Decor Interiors is the name to remember.

At Decor Interiors, our Boca Raton remodeling contractors work with the client from the project concept to completion. We are a full-service design/build remodeling contractor with more than 27 years of experience in the local area. With our assistance, your project will be successful and enjoyable.

To get started, call today to schedule an appointment with our Boca Raton remodeling contractor. We'll make an appointment for your consultation and project proposal at your convenience.


The worst thing that can possibly happen to a bathroom is for it to be poorly designed when the house was built. Bad layouts, cramped spaces, and no storage space are the most common complaints we hear when our customers ask them to help with bathroom remodeling.

Our bathroom remodeling specialists can help you with all the solutions you need to transform any bathroom into your home into a beautiful and functional space. Let's start bouncing around some ideas by scheduling a consultation with one of our specialists today.


Your Boca Raton home has a central gathering place where everyone seems to congregate. Where does your family like to hang out the most? More than likely, you all spend plenty of time in the kitchen area. Is your kitchen large enough? If not, your kitchen remodeling plans can include a home extension to give your family the space they need. Plus, you'll have the room for all those holiday parties you always wanted to host.

Does the layout of the appliances and counters need to be rearranged? All that can happen and more when you hire an experienced Boca Raton kitchen remodeling contractor like Decor Interiors. Our professionals offer you full-service kitchen remodeling which includes anything and everything necessary to change the space into your dream kitchen. Call to get your consultation today!


Commercial remodeling offers you the opportunity to make changes where it's really important. For instance, commercial floors get so worn out that they're likely the first thing you want to replace. Since remodeling your Boca Raton business could include new flooring installation, why not take the opportunity to change the floor plan too?

This is the best time to move counters, appliances, shelving or other parts of your business since the new floor can be installed everywhere. Otherwise, you might have a hard time later matching the flooring material if you move a counter that has no floor underneath it!

If you need a commercial remodeling contractor to assist you with your project, Decor Interiors offers design/build commercial remodeling services in Boca Raton. We remodel commercial spaces including retail spaces, office spaces, finishing services, and other light commercial remodeling work.

Boca Raton, FL

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If you are looking for a Boca Raton remodeling contractor, please call 561-997-2672 or complete our Online Consultation Form