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How To Think Like A Customer When Remodeling Highland Beach Commercial Bathrooms


No matter what type of business you own or manage, putting some thought into your Highland Beach commercial bathroom remodeling project is a great idea. After all, keeping customers happy is always the goal, so you'll want the space to look attractive.

Attractive doesn't mean frilly and full of art or foo-foo embellishments. It means not dull, not boring, not institutional-looking, and not made of materials that look dirty way before they actually are.

Remodeling a commercial bathroom may seem straightforward, but make sure you read the following tips on how to think like a customer when remodeling your Highly Beach commercial bathrooms. You know they'll be picky about the restrooms in your establishment!

Bathroom designs that are cohesive with the rest of your commercial building

Any commercial remodeling designer will tell you that the bathroom design, kitchen design, breakroom design, and building design should be cohesive. Trust us, your Highland Beach customers will notice if your commercial bathroom looks better than the rest of the building or it looks bad when the rest of the building looks great. Try to keep a consistent design style throughout all areas so that the bathrooms don't stick out too much.

One particular tip about your design, don't choose light colored bathroom flooring or it will always look dirty. Go with a flooring material in a medium color tone that has flecks or some sort of texture pattern for the best results. The medium color tone will help to “ground” the floor instead of making it seem to float and blend in with the lighter wall and ceiling color. The colored texture pattern will camouflage any shoe prints until the cleaning crew comes in to do their work.

Paint colors for commercial bathroom remodeling

There's nothing worse than a commercial bathroom that's been painted all gray. Stay away from colors that look institutional when remodeling your commercial bathrooms in Highland Beach.

Likewise, customers can get turned off by too much color in your commercial bathrooms. Just keep in mind that bright, bold color isn't even necessary when remodeling commercial bathrooms.

When choosing paint colors, find three that contrast enough with each other but look good together. Remember to try to tie in the rest of the building's paint colors with your bathroom paint colors. They don't have to be the same, but they should look good together.

Plan to add some creature comforts when remodeling commercial bathrooms

Your Highland Beach customers will appreciate having some amenities in your commercial bathrooms. Creature comforts make the space much more inviting, pleasant, and comfortable to use. Try to add some personal touches to the commercial bathroom remodeling plans such as a full-length mirror and an extra countertop with a mirror behind it so ladies can apply makeup or fix their hair away from the sinks.

Give the guys a little shelf to set down a comb. Place a small armchair in a corner so that someone can sit down while waiting for their kids or friend. Little touches like this can make the space homier.

Make sure your commercial bathroom remodeling includes safety flooring

Good floor traction is a must when it comes to safety in a Highland Beach commercial bathroom. Make sure that the flooring will provide enough traction to avoid slip-and-falls if the floor gets wet.

Even bare concrete can be custom coated with non-slip epoxy by a painting specialist. Raised texture flooring will offer more traction for your customers. Stay away from any type of polished stone or slippery laminate flooring. Look for NFSI Certified “High-Traction” flooring products.

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