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How To Start Your Delray Beach Kitchen Remodeling Project by Decor Interiors


As a local Delray Beach design/build remodeling contractor, our customers usually tell us that they don't have a clue what type of design style they like or how to even get started on the project. If you're in a place where you don't really know your personal style of choice or how to get started, the answer is simple. Start making a list of everything you don't like about your kitchen now.

Is there a particular color in your kitchen that you don't like? Do you know that you don't like the flooring, and why? Do you hate the light colored countertops because they show all the spills too easily? Are your cabinets to bland and boring for you? Write it all down now. When you talk to your remodeling contractor, they'll hopefully have the skill to help you figure out a terrific new kitchen design you'll love.

From there, you can start getting some ideas and inspiration to make your Delray Beach kitchen remodeling project turn out great.

Look for kitchen remodeling ideas and inspiration

Not every kitchen remodeling design has to wind up in a decorators magazine. You may just find the inspiration you need by looking at the kitchens of your friends and family. What particular parts of their design could you draw some ideas from?

Maybe you like that highly functional iron pot rack that hangs over your sister's kitchen island? Do you like the sleek look of the stainless steel vent hood over your aunt's stove? Start being on the lookout for kitchen remodeling ideas so that you have some suggestions for your remodeling contractor!

Consider your lifestyle and the lifestyle of your family

One of the key aspects of our successful kitchen remodeling projects started by incorporating the lifestyle of the client into the design. Our designer asks each client about their lifestyle and about the goals they have to incorporate that lifestyle into their new kitchen space.

For instance, do you like to keep things simple, uncluttered, and clean looking? Maybe you'll be better suited to the clean lines of a modern kitchen design. Do you like to surround yourself with art pieces and collectibles? You may love some ornate architectural mouldings and embellished custom cabinetry.

Think about space... need more? Ask your kitchen remodeling contractor this

Even if you don't plan to add onto your Delray Beach home to get the space you need for kitchen remodeling, you'll want to assess the skill level of ever remodeling contractor you call.

Home extensions and room additions can give you the extra space you need, so be sure to find a remodeling contractor who can do that type of work. Building a room addition or home extension from the ground up takes plenty of skill and experience. There are plenty of homeowners who end up with roof leaks and wall leaks because the remodeling contractor didn't know what they were doing!

Ask each Delray Beach remodeling contractor you call about how much experience they have in extending homes or building home additions. It's always best to narrow down your choices before you make any type of mental or emotional decision about the contractor you want to hire. That way, you don't pressure yourself into hiring someone who gives you the lowest price but can't do the work right.

If you are looking for a kitchen remodeling contractor in Delray Beach then please call 561-997-2672 or complete our Online Consultation Form