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Boca Raton Interior & Exterior Painting


Decor Interiors provides professional painting services to homeowners in the Boca Raton, FL area. Not every home needs a complete makeover to look great, and we are the experts who can make your home look amazing just by painting it. Does your kitchen need a face-lift or do your bathrooms need fresh color?

We have been painting houses, condos, and townhomes in Boca Raton and other South Florida areas for almost thirty years. We make sure each painting project exhibits the tasteful, fine-quality craftsmanship our clients deserve.

Decor Interiors is a full-service interior finish company and remodeling contractor. Our painting professionals are ready and willing to provide service no matter how small or large your project is. In fact, we often paint entire homes when our professionals provide whole house remodeling services, or we can paint dining room walls for holiday makeovers.

Our professional quality painting work has earned us many satisfied customers throughout the years, with hundreds of repeat customers and referrals in the Boca Raton area. We offer a wide array of painting services including:

  • Custom Painting
  • Faux Finishing
  • Venetian Plaster
  • Wood Graining
  • Architectural Mouldings

Boca Raton Interior Painting

Count on Decor Interiors for expert quality interior painting in Boca Raton. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide neat quality work that meets the highest standards of our customers. From our professional attitude, on-time service, and effective assessment of the quality of the work performed, to our superior customer service and attention to detail we put into our craft, we strive to complete each project to our established company standards of quality. Do you need help choosing interior painting colors? We can assist you in selecting the most beautiful colors today!

Boca Raton Exterior Painting

Our experienced exterior painting professionals can completely change how your home looks from the outside. We can achieve a quality paint finish that starts with proper surface preparation and repairing any defects first. We use quality primers, paints, and sealants to make sure you get a long-lasting waterproof barrier against the heat and humid weather. If you'd like to choose a special paint such as algae-resistant exterior paint, we would be happy to accommodate you!

If you are looking for a interior or exterior painting in Boca Raton then give us a call 561-997-2672 or complete our Online Consultation Form